In the ever-evolving realm of influencer marketing, innovation remains at the forefront. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a game-changing addition to Hypefy’s suite of tools: Build a Campaign with AI!

This groundbreaking feature simplifies the initiation of marketing campaigns to a single sentence. Leveraging state-of-the-art generative artificial intelligence, Hypefy now empowers users to launch comprehensive marketing endeavors with unprecedented ease.

Redefining Automation: Introducing Generative AI for Campaigns

No longer just an automation tool, our AI platform has evolved. It now integrates generative AI capabilities, enabling it to make critical decisions on audience selection, demographics, influencer age and gender, audience interests, generate influencer briefs and gives you best strategies, all with a single sentence prompt. Additionally, it provides fresh campaign ideas, offering alternative perspectives for your marketing initiatives.

The Future of Agile Marketing

In today’s competitive landscape, agility and swiftness are key. With Build a Campaign with AI, marketers can test campaigns faster, more accurately, and with minimal effort, setting a new benchmark in campaign initiation.

Embracing the New Era: Witness Campaign Building Like Never Before

This revolutionary feature isn’t merely a tool; it’s a paradigm shift in influencer marketing. Experience a seamless journey in crafting campaigns at lightning speed and unparalleled precision, all initiated by a single sentence. It offers not only campaign building but also opens up innovative pathways for ideation, providing different perspectives and approaches to elevate your marketing strategies.

Embrace the Future: Initiate Your Next Campaign Now!

This is your chance to be at the forefront of a groundbreaking advancement. With Build a Campaign with AI, transform your marketing vision into reality effortlessly and swiftly. Don’t miss out – give it a try today!

Stjepan holds degrees in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, specializing in the optimization of complex systems through artificial intelligence, particularly in logistical routing. With three years in influencer marketing, he has successfully applied his academic background to real-world challenges. As CEO of Hypefy, he has overseen more than 1,500 individual influencer collaborations and consistently outperformed industry benchmarks by 3-5x. His leadership has enabled the company to expand into seven countries and accumulate over 9 million data points in influencer marketing, establishing him as a data-backed authority in the industry.

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